Come and have a permanent makeup treatment here, in Szeged!


Why is it so good?

– With your permanent make-up you win time every morning

– You don’t need to draw your brows, eyeline and lips, we know if you do it for yourself, it’s not easy to do them.

– No more smudge, or wiping your makeup off.

– You’ll get a perfect look in the mirror – what else could be better???


Our pernament makeup beauty-saloon offers you the best quality, we work with advanced pigments, machines and of course the latest techniques.




szemoldoktetovalas_berenyi_kozmetika.jpgEyebrows:  If your eyebrows are too flat or too thin, or you just want a better shape we can make you better ones. Hair Stroke Technique represents the most best natural look.







Szemkontur_tetovalas.jpgEyeliners, or shaded, smokey eyeliners: If you you are not satisfied with the shape or the size of your eyes, or you’re allergic to most of the eyeliners and you can’t wear makeup, come and see what we can offer. It fits every woman.






ajaksatirozas_tetovalva.jpgLips: If you feel that your lips are thin or not colourful enough, or you are not satisfied with the shape of them, the best solution is fully shaded permanent lips.







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